"Photovoltaic gardens", what do they mean?

Photovoltaic gardens are a new urban trend for green energy.


Gli orti fotovoltaici sono l’espressione sintetica delle tendenze sempre più attuali verso obiettivi di sostenibilità ambientale attraverso il coinvolgimento delle istituzioni.

Photovoltaic plants, both for companies and individuals, are even more relevant, thanks to their great role in environmental and economic trades.

In these years we have seen that traditional energies are too precarious.

But, above all, we live a bigger care towards climate and environmental.

The last but not the least, we observe a big advantage in an economic point of view.

What photovoltaic gardens are?

This growth of consciousness about sustainability matters, take some Nations as Spain and Italy, to invest in photovoltaic gardens projects.

Municipals are involved in these timeshares photovoltaic garden, providing areas for the installation.

In Italy this project is in an experimental phase, and few municipals have yet joined them.

In which zone of Italy, you can find photovoltaic gardens?

One of the leading parties in this action was CAN Toscana, of the province of Pistoia, for a plant installed on a public area and shared by a group of citizens.

The goal is to build an installation for green energy production, that could be also a source of revenue for members.

How much useful photovoltaic garden is?

According to experts, photovoltaic costs are depreciable in few years, thanks to public economic advantages. 

We believe in investment and in courage of tomorrow.

MGI deals with the construction and delivery of pile driving machines for photovoltaic systems, and with the realization of small and big photovoltaic systems (as solar parking and carports).

Green energy is today a resource accessible to all, thanks to this modern tools.

In addition, thanks to our machines, the installation become a simple work which could be realized in few times both for companies and individuals.

Do you need more information? Visit our page about photovoltaic plant, for the green within everyone’s reach.

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