MGI photovoltaic systems

Industrial and residential photovoltaic systems to optimize energy resources and costs


What is solar carport and how it works

Solar carports are aluminium, laminated wood, steel or iron structures, with a covering and shelter role as long as they can produce green energy thanks to photovoltaic panels set above.


Solar carports could be adopted for many kinds of uses as well as:

Solar carports for parking Solar carports for auto charging Solar carports to the bus station

Prices and advantages

Solar carports prices change depending by different factors as:

- Available space for panels and modules
- Quality of materials
- Storage systems

Solar carports advantages

Solar carports allow the autonomous production of green energy, with the value growth of the entire structure. This means costs saving, enhancing your own spaces and respecting nature.

MGI photovoltaic roofs

MGI photovoltaic systems are made in different ways, using material as steel, iron, laminated wood and aluminium, depending on customers needs.


Design and installation of Industrial and residential photovoltaic systems

Welcome your tomorrow

In MGI we take care of the entire processing about photovoltaic systems, both for companies and individuals. Our solar panels are certified by european accreditation. Our company also provides materials and tools for single units or photovoltaic fields realization.

Many companies and individuals invest on photovoltaic solutions, thanks to new incentives.
In this way we could be able to rely on costs saving and on a more sustainable tomorrow, for all of us.

3D MGI photovoltaic systems

MGI photovoltaic systems

MGI photovoltaic systems are designed and realized by an expert team, which take care in every step of processing and realization. Regarding the provision of construction materials, we rely on well-established companies, to guarantee lasting results.

Thanks to our pile driving machines we can provide the installation service, in quick time and with accurate ways.

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